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Photos and movies at Mt.Fuji, lake Kawaguchi and Fujikyuu Highland where I visited during Golden week with my family. 

Beautiful Mt. Fuji, taking photo from Hotel Regina 9F at around 6am.

The Lake Kawaguchi, photo from Win Lake Hotel 5F

A view of Kawaguchi Ohashi Bridge

A view of  FUJIKYUU Highland

A dish looks like UFO rotating. Click the photo for Movie.

Click for Movie. Complicated actions but not so scared.

The seats are swinging as Tick-Tack. A kind of sea-sick, may be.

Falling down from 100 feet tower within a second makes everyone screaming.

Click and the movie can be seen horizontally.

Separate from this photo, Water boat available which jumps into water as you can see by clicking the photo. Heavy traffic jam in golden week at Chuo Free Way. Rerouting via route 20 to Route 33 was convenient.
by Kiyoshi Okubo